My philosophy…..……

My philosophy is that it is impossible to plan a quality trip without having experienced the destination and the sites recommended. Therefore, my support and my recommendations rely on my numerous trips and road-trips across the country, guides that I wrote or unique places I have experienced or recommended by locals.

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My story..…...

Travel With Me In US

My story is the story of my expatriation in North Carolina for several years and my experience in tourism. First in France, then in the United States, with the creation of a travel blog and the redaction of 5 travel guidebooks and adventures all over the country. So it was a very natural move to ​​launch Travel With Me In US to help travelers to discover the United States differently and offer unique experiences in the country like the ranch trip.

Who I am in a nutshell:

  • Former press officer in tourism
  • Travel Blogger
  • Author of 5 travel guide books about the USA
  • Expatriate in North Carolina for almost 4 years
  • Explorer travelling all around the country
  • Passionate about travels and sharing my discoveries

The books I wrote....……

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